It’s that time of year – we’re all starting our holiday shopping. If you’re wondering what to get the Keurig® Lover in your life, we’ve put together the top 9 gifts to get a single-serve coffee lover!

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 #9 Hand Milk Frother

Don’t want to leave home to get that fancy frothy latte? They can use a hand-frother to whip up warm milk and add to 6 oz of a brewed coffee pod. Recipe coming soon!


#8 Soft Pod Storage

Keeping soft pods fresh is best when you store them in an airtight container, like a jar. This contains the release of those flavourful gasses and will keep your taste from dissipating.


#7 Coffee Bar Art

Most Keurig lovers have a personalized space where they brew and store their coffee pods. Get some cool coffee art, or a chalkboard to make their home coffee bar a little more stylish!

(Prize basket comes with a mini chalkboard)


#6 Compost Bucket

This gift is a win for the environmentally-conscious coffee drinker. Keeping a cute compost bin next to their home coffee bar will make composting & recycling coffee grounds super easy!


 #5 Mug

Everyone has a favourite one, but there’s nothing like brewing straight into a brand new mug! Check out websites like Society6 for some really unique mugs!


 #4 Amazon.com Gift Card

This is just in case their relatives drink all their coffee – yikes! Help them to restock their coffee pods with an Amazon.com gift card. And hey! If you’re looking for some OneCoffee, we’ve just launched on Amazon.com too.

(Prize basket comes with $20 Amazon.com gift card)


 #3 Chocolate Sauce

Flavouring syrups and sauces are great for making tasty holiday drinks! Try a pumpkin spice sauce or chocolate to make a mocha. We have a suggested recipe for these ideas coming soon!


 #2 Ice cube tray

If you want to make Keurig cold-brew coffee, we recommend getting an ice cube tray! Brew coffee directly into the tray and freeze. Mix with milk and some vanilla extract (or flavouring) to make some delicious cold brew!


 #1 Compostable soft pods

Ofcourse we’re recommending getting them some sustainable coffee pods to try this holiday season. Feel good about this gift and know you’re helping keep the planet healthy!



OneCoffee has no affiliation with Keurig Inc. or K-Cup®.


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