A lot of my friends and family own Keurig coffee makers. They are a convenient way to grab a decent cup of coffee in the morning and dash out the front door.These one-cup coffee makers are in tons of peoples homes – but have you ever thought about how wasteful they are? One plastic cup gets wasted for every cup brewed. (It’s kinda disturbing) I don’t think people even realize the environmental ramifications. This is why I’m really impressed with Canterbury Coffee’s OneCoffee 90% Biodegradable Organic single serve pods! (Canterbury is Canada’s second largest coffee chain) Standard K-Cups contain a plastic coffee filter, grounds, and a foil top with no easy way to separate everything for recycling. :/Seriously…look at it…how cool is that? Both of my parents were shocked when I unwrapped this decaf pod. The pods are individually wrapped for freshness and safety. (Does that fit the Keurig?) Why, yes – it totally fits the Keurig…and it was delicious to boot! You can find them in the following blends: French Roast, Breakfast Blend, Decaf Dark, Colombian, Peruvian, Sumatran, Ethiopian, and Variety pack.

OneCoffee is also suitable for people who are Vegan, Halal, Kosher, and they are BPA free.  Currently – I believe they are only sold over in Canada. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy them in the US soon!

Source: Silas and Mira Blog

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