I will admit it, MomMomOnTheGo loves her coffee. I also love my Keurig. So when I was introduced to the world’s first biodegradable, Fairtrade, Organic, K-Cup compatible single serve cup, I was in heaven. The only question left was……how good was the coffee itself!I am most happy to report that I absolutely LOVED the coffee in One Coffee single serve pods. I got to try Sumatran, Ethiopian, Breakfast Blend, and a little Decaf for before bed.
MomMomOnTheGo absolutely loved all the One Coffee that she got to try. I also got other adults and grandparents to give them a try and everyone was very pleased and loved them. Out of all that I asked to try the One Coffee, not one person did not like it. I actually received responses like, “that is really good coffee, what type is it.”

I recommend that you give the One Coffee a try. I feel so good that One Coffee is also 90% biodegradable, Fairtrade and Organic. My liquid gold just got more golden.
Here are a few answers to a couple of questions you might have about the line of OneCoffee products…

OneCoffee FAQ:

Q. Sometimes there is a little bit of sediment at the bottom of my cup after brewing – is that normal?
A. Yes. Because some coffee grinds can be finer than others, a few of the smaller ones sometimes make it through the filter mesh. Coffee drinkers who use gold mesh reusable filters or French Press coffee makers often experience the same thing.
Q. My coffee tastes weak or watery.
A. Make sure you are using the 6oz – 8oz cup setting on your brewer. 6oz is recommended for those who enjoy a full bodied cup and 8oz will make a less intense brew.
Q. My coffee tastes bitter or stale.
A. While some coffee origins have a more bitter taste than others, if you noticed a change in a coffee you regularly drink, you may need to replace the water filter in your brewer or pre-filter your water before using. Fresh, cold water is one of the most important ingredients in making great tasting coffee.
Q. My coffee has a moldy or mildew taste to it.
A. If your single-serve brewer does not automatically eject your used cup, it’s possible that there was a spent cup sitting in the machine long enough to grow mold. The cup holder in most brewers can be removed for cleaning, or you may need to wipe the cup holder clean with some mild soap and water. Be sure to rinse it well so you don’t end up with a soapy brew!
Q. Can I dispose of my used OneCoffee cups in my garden or food waste composter?
A. Because the lid and parts of the mesh are not compostable, we recommend disposing of your spent cups in your normal waste receptacle. The hard plastic will biodegrade in municipal waste streams that use industrial composters. The hard plastic we use is 100% certified compostable.

Check out the Global News feature on this amazing coffee…..

Roasted and manufactured by Canterbury Coffee, a 32 year old privately-owned BC company, OneCoffee is the answer to consumer demand for convenience with a conscience.

What will you be brewing today?

Source: MomMomOnTheGo

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