Good coffee begins with exceptional beans. To ensure quality, the coffee industry has different certifications. Let’s explore what these certifications mean.

What is Swiss Water Processed?

If your Decaf Coffee doesn’t mention “Water Processed” or “Swiss Water Processed,” it’s likely decaffeinated using chemicals. The Water Process uses only water to remove up to 99.9% of caffeine from green coffee. This ensures your decaf coffee is free from chemical residues before being dried, roasted, bagged, and packed into your favourite OneCoffee pods.

What makes Organic Coffee special?

When you choose to purchase organic coffee, you are selecting beans that have been grown without pesticides or other harmful chemicals during farming. This choice not only benefits your health by minimizing exposure to such substances but also contributes to the well-being of the farming communities supplying the coffee.

To guarantee the organic quality of our products, all our coffee beans are certified organic by TCO Cert. This certification ensures that the cultivation process strictly adheres to organic standards, prohibiting the use of chemicals, artificial fertilizers, and GMOs.

I’ve Heard of Fairtrade, But What Does It Mean?

All of our OneCoffee products are certified Fairtrade by Fairtrade International. This ensures that the farmers growing the coffee beans receive fair wages, covering sustainable production costs and providing social and economic benefits. By opting for Fairtrade coffee, you’re supporting ethical practices in the coffee industry.


April 2, 2024

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