A Richmond-based firm is taking the guilt out of convenience coffee.Canterbury Coffee recently introduced OneCoffee, a biodegradable, fair-trade, organic single-serve coffee container compatible with Keurig coffee makers.

Derek Perkins, senior marketing manager at the 33-year-old East Richmond company, said consumer reaction has been overwhelming since the product hit retail shelves a few months ago.

“It’s been bigger than we ever thought,” he said. “I think everybody in the morning that brews a traditional K-Cup style cup has an inherent bit of guilt at the waste that they’re contributing to.”

K-Cup portion packs, pioneered by Keurig, are used with single cup brewing systems to make a single cup of coffee. Perkins said consumers enjoy the convenience of the single cup brewing system, but don’t like the waste.

Canterbury developed OneCoffee after finding success in using plant-based bio-plastics for its Singolo espresso capsule system. Its OneCoffee cups use 40 per cent less plastic than a traditional K-Cup. They’re 90 per cent biodegradable, and the coffee is also fair-trade and organic.

“We didn’t really stop at the consumer level, we wanted it to be sustainable at the origin as well,” said Perkins.

OneCoffee is sold in retailers across Canada in 12 packs and in larger food service packs for hotels and offices.

Canterbury says it considers preserving the earth its business—and is committed to leaving the world better than it found it. That means taking innovative approaches to sustainability, noted Perkins.

Other initiatives include up-cycling burlap sacks for the forest and landscaping industries, composting chaff (coffee roasting byproduct), using thermal oxidizers in the roasting plant to reduce emissions and purchasing carbon offsets.

Source: Richmond Review

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