Occasionally this happens. The Keurig machine cannot read the lid properly and you receive the “oops” message. Try rotating the pod so the Keurig machine sensor reads a different part of the lid. Usually that does the trick. If not, the short answer is, email us at hello@onecoffee.com and we’ll make it right.

The longer and more technical answer: The lid is made of natural fibres (paper) vs foil, so the ink (which the Keurig sensor reads) may not fully absorb into every fibre on the lid, hampering its readability vs a flat piece of foil. This doesn’t happen often, but it’s happened enough that we want to let you know.

Do you have flavoured coffees?

None of our coffees have added flavouring. Because OneCoffee is made from organic beans, we need an organic flavouring to match. We haven’t been able to find one that meets...

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