Organic farming methods protect natural resources, promote biodiversity and prevent soil erosion. No pesticides, no GMOs, no worries. This strict adherence to organic also means that we don’t offer any flavoured OneCoffee, because there’s a lack of certified organic flavourings. But we think you’ll agree that our coffees are tasty enough on their own.

When you drink our organic OneCoffee products you’re helping take good care of our planet’s coffee fields, one cup at a time.

Municipal Composting Programs

We’re now made of fully compostable materials. Organic & fair trade coffee packed in a 100% compostable pod wearing nothing but a mesh filter – no plastic, no waste, nada.

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Fair Trade Policies

All of our OneCoffee products are certified fair trade by Fairtrade International. This means that the farmers who grow the coffee beans receive fair compensation to cover the cost of...

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