If you find that your coffee doesn’t meet your taste expectations, it could be due to mineral buildup in your coffee machine. To enhance the flavour and maintain the performance of your machine, consider descaling it. Follow these four simple steps to effectively remove mineral deposits and guarantee a consistently high-quality brew:

  1. Empty your brewer’s water reservoir.
  2. Remove the reservoir and pour in the descaling solution.
  3. Start the descale mode. Activation steps may vary depending on the brewer model.
  4. Thoroughly rinse the reservoir, fill it with fresh water, and run a cycle without a pod to cleanse the system. Repeat this rinsing process as needed for a complete clean.

Remember to consult your brewer’s manual before descaling to ensure you follow model-specific instructions. By regularly descaling and cleaning your machine, you not only maintain its proper functioning but also extend its overall performance and lifespan.


June 24, 2024

Decoding Coffee Certifications

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